Nike Force 1 - "GalactiDrips" by Sierato x Artisan Echelon

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Artisan Echelon Exclusive: Nike Force 1 - "GalactiDrips"

Elevate Your Sneaker Game with Artisan Echelon

Introducing the Nike Air Force 1 - "GalactiDrips," a mesmerizing blend of artistry and craftsmanship. Hand-painted by the renowned artist Sierato, these authentic leather sneakers feature a stunning freestyle galaxy print with South Beach flair. The outside panel swooshes are meticulously adorned with dripped paint, outlined in bold black. Upgrade to drips on both sides for an extra $100.

Key Features

  • Authentic Leather: Experience the perfect blend of comfort and durability with genuine leather Air Force 1s. These sneakers are waterproof, flexible, crack-resistant, and scratch-proof, thanks to Liquid Kicks Finishers and Paint.
  • Versatile Styles: Choose from Lows, Mids, or High Tops to express your unique style.
  • Customizable Art: Each pair is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, with the option to upgrade for extra drips on both sides.

Why Choose Artisan Echelon?

  1. Expert Craftsmanship: Our world-famous in-house artists, including Sierato, ensure every pair is crafted with unparalleled attention to detail.
  2. Unique Expression: Make a statement with wearable art that transcends fashion, reflecting your individuality and turning heads wherever you go.

How to Order

  1. Full Custom, Hand-Made to Order: Each pair is a custom masterpiece. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your shoes to reach our studio from the suppliers, where they will be painted with precision and care.
  2. Shipping: Once completed, your sneakers will be shipped via USPS Priority 2-3 day service. You will receive a tracking notification upon completion.

Enjoy the Artisan Echelon Difference

  • Supporting Creativity: All proceeds from your purchase contribute to the Sierato YouTube Channel, supporting production and material expenses.
  • Message from Sierato: "Thanks for helping me keep the dream alive and keep painting!"

Step into the World of Artisan Echelon

Experience sneakers that are not just shoes but a reflection of your style and a celebration of craftsmanship. Stand out. Be unique. Wear art.

Order your Nike Air Force 1 - "GalactiDrips" today and elevate your sneaker game with a personalized masterpiece.